About This Site

Documenting the Republic F-84 Series
By Bruce Craig, Webmaster

This site is dedicated to documenting the Republic F-84 Thunderjet and its immediate derivitives, including the F-84F Thunderstreak, RF-84F and K Thunderflash, XF-84H Thundershriek (aka Thunderscreech), XF-91 Thunderceptor, the series prototypes, the test programs, and service with various countries and aerobatic teams.
This site is not intended to be a "fancy" site. It is intended to be -- hopefully, considering the amount of information herein -- easy to navigate so you can find the information you seek, and to present that information in a readable form when you find it. See the Navagation Page for details.
I became interested in documenting the F-84 Thunderjet because of my modeling hobby. As I attempted to build a somewhat accurate 1/48th scale model of the Thunderjet, I found serious conflicts in the extant information. My quest to find the correct information led me to travel to museums where I was graciously allowed by museum staff to photograph and measure both early and late models of the Thunderjet.
In addition, a number of others, including fellow modelers, friends, former Republic employees who worked on the Thunderjet, staff at museums, former and current military photographers and service personnel, those with photo archives, and publications, have provided a variety of verbal, written and published information to me which has been an invaluable help. Please see the Credits Page for a list of those who have helped make this site possible.

It's a Hobby ...
This site is an ongoing project. I am posting pages as they are completed and linked. You may find many pages which, though included in the menu, pop up with a "TO BE WRITTEN" or similar message. This is because (a) I outlined the structure of the site and created all the basic pages before I started adding text and graphics, and (b) in order to get something online, I started posting pages with many still unwritten. But, this is a hobby, so it will get filled in when I have time and as information arrives. See What's New for update information. Contributions pertinent to the site, such as stories, photos, and documents are welcome.

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