My Genuine Very-Large "Thank You" to all who have contributed to this site.

Start-up Contributors
The following contributed material including Articles and Books, Taking or Providing Photographs, Access to Aircraft, Help to Measure Aircraft, Researching Republic Archives, Informative Letters, and Personal Inverviews, all of which made initiating this site possible.

Fred Simonds, Oregon Historical Modelers Society
Fred Nickel and daughters, my Friends
Byron Calomiris, American Aviation Historical Society and former Republic employee
E.J. Boss, Cradle of Aviation Museum and former Republic employee
Museum Staff, March Field Museum
Steve Hinton, Planes of Fame Museum
Raymond L. Puffer, Ph.D., History Office, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB
Museum Staff, Air Force Museum

Additional Contributors
The following contributed to this site after it was "up and going".

Air & Space Magazine, AFFTC ZELMAL Article and Photos
Gerry Asher, Photographs and Captions
Werner Bergmans, Photographs and Captions
Michael Bradley, Photographs, 20th FBW Yearbook
Jens Haakon Brandol, Photographs via Ragnar Eckhoff
Marc Brouyere, Photographs and Captions
Jon Brunker, Photographs and Captions
Jaime Carreon, Photograph and Caption
Pierluigi Castellani, Photographs and Caption
Tom Cleaver, Internet Modeler webzine, Model Review and Photographs
Jim Cocks, Photographs and Captions
Gregory Croon, Operation Ivy Information
Duncan Curtis, Photographs and 12 FEW 08 June 1951 Story
Vittorio DeSantis, Service in Italy Information
Filaos Dimitrios, Aces Four Information and Photographs
Burkhard Domke, Photographs and Captions
Ragnar Eckhoff, Service in Norway Photographs and Information
Walter Fischer, Photos, Book Review, Decals
Thomas Goetz, YP-84A with NACA Intake Ducts Photographs
Carlos Gomes, Fernando Moreira, Mais Alto Illustrations via Joćo M. Vidal
Steve Grivno, Photographs and Captions
Jennings Heilig, Airway Graphics International, Decals for Review
IPMS Norway, for sharing their F-84 information via Ragnar Eckhoff
Kedi Maket Model, Service in Turkey
Michael Klaver, Photographs and Captions
Mais Alto magazine, Photographs and Illustrations via Joćo M. Vidal
Drewe Manton, Model Review and Photographs
David McLaren, Contributions from his book, Republic F-84, a Photo Chronicle
David Menard, F-84 Serials and Models Lists
New Jersey ANG Public Affairs Office, Photographs and Captions
New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Guardlife pages
David Newman, AFFTC ZELMAL Test Photos
Harold Offield, Model Review and Photographs
Luca Orsini, Service in Italy Photographs and Captions
Masato Ota, Aerobatic Teams Information
Revell Monogram, ProModeller F-84G for Review
David Schill, Photographs and Captions
Farhad Sepehbody, Imperial Iranian Air Force and Golden Crown Information and Photographs
Vitor Sousa, F-84G Model in Portugese Colors
Gregory S. Spahr, Photographs and Captions
Bob Staaf, Photographs and Captions
Robert Stephenson, Photographs
Norman Taylor, aka Mr F-84, Photos from his Air Force Career and Collection
Wilfried Tersago, F-84 Smokes F-104 Story
Ted Theoe, Photographs, ZEL Model for Review
Scott Van Aken, Model Madness Webzine, Model Reviews and Photographs
Paul van den Elsaker, Netherlands Aerobatic Teams Information, Photographs and Captions
Hans van Ettinger, Service in Netherlands and Skyblazers Information
Guido Van Roy, Service in Belguim Photographs and Captions; Model Information
David Van Wagoner, Tamiya F-84G Model
Joćo M. Vidal, Service in Portugal Photographs and Information
Joe Vincent, Photographs and Captions
Laurent Vlieghe, Photographs and Captions
William Walkowiak, Photographs and Illustrations
Larry Westin, Photographs and Captions
Earl Watkins, Thunderbirds Personnel List
Bob Young, Text and Photographs

If I have inadvertently failed to add credit for a contribution, please inform me so I may add proper credit.

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