Information and Photo Contributions Welcome
By Bruce Craig, Webmaster

No man stands alone. I am only one body among a great number of people with a vast amount of information pertinent to documenting the F-84 and its immediate derivatives. Therefore, If you have any information that is applicable to the F-84 -- stories to tell, photos to share, documents which are pertinent -- please share them with others by contributing your information to be added to this site.
If you have access to archives that I would otherwise have to travel to access -- such as the Archives at Dayton, Edwards AFB, or other places -- and you want to help in that way, I will be forever grateful. If you want to write an article to include on the site, please let me know. If you have photos -- perhaps, for example, you were ground crew in Korea and have photos you took during that time -- I hope you will contribute them.

Photo Contributions Specifications
If you would like to contribute photos for this web site, I have both 35mm film scanner and flatbed scanner for prints or up to 4" x 5" film. If you have good quality slides, film, or prints, I can scan thm, or if you have a scanner, you can scan them and email them to me. Recommended scan specs are 72 dpi and save as jpg hi-quality. I will do any crops or color adjustments.
If you want to take photos, I recommend a 35mm or better, set exposure at 1/60th, adjust f-stop accordingly, and use fill flash with a flash unit that reads the light and automatically adjusts output. Minimum print size recommended is 4" x 6".

E-Mail Information
Please email me if you have material to contribute, and I will be pleased to work out the best way to (a) get the information onto the site, and (b) give you appropriate credit on this site for your contribution.

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