Best F-84 Thunderjet
Special Category Award Sponsored by this Site

On Saturday, October 23, 1999, Oregon Historical Modelers Society/IPMS hosted the 1999 IPMS Region 7 Recon at Pearson Air Museum, Vancouver, Washington. This web site sponsored a special category trophy, Best F-84 Thunderjet. There were four models which qualified for consideration. They were:

F-84G, 1/72nd Heller, FS-657 "Benny San" built out-of-box by Bill Osborn, Federal Way, Washington.

F-84G, 1/48th Tamiya, FS-478A "'Lil Butch" built out-of-box by Tom Hoard, Yakima, Washington.

F-84G, 1/48th Tamiya, FS-460 built out-of-box by Tim Held, Portland, Oregon.

F-84G 1/48th Tamiya, FS-454 "Four Queens" built with addition of Cutting Edge cockpit and landing gear, Eduard intrument dials added to instrument panel, scratch built 1000 lb. bombs, and Tamiya, Cutting Edge, and Aeromaster decals, by Bill Gilinski, Port Orchard, Washington.

Although there is no question the aftermarked details added by Bill Gilinski made an outstanding model even better, his attention to the modeling basics, such as flawless removal of seam lines, alignment of the model's components, and a particularly excellent metal finish, lead the judges to award the Best F-84 Thunderjet trophy to Bill. Our congratulations to each of the entrants for their excellent models, and to Bill for receiving the award.

Bill Gilinski's Tamiya F-84G, winner of 1999 Region 7 Recon Best F-84 Thunderjet special award

Bill Gilinski's Tamiya F-84G, winner of 1999 IPMS Region 7 Recon Best F-84 Thunderjet special award which was sponsored by this web site.

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