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Member of
Oregon Historical Modelers Society/IPMS
My Hometown Hobby Club

The Small Shop
Ridgefield Washington (near Portland, Oregon)
Inventor and Source of
Hold and Fold
The Photoetched Parts Workstation

Bridgetown Hobbies & Games
Portland, Oregon
Site of OHMS/IPMS Meetings
Tammies Hobbies
Beaverton, Oregon
Alpine Hobbies -- 503-574-2089
Beaverton, Oregon
My Hometown Hobby Shops

General Links

A&J Hobbies (casting supplies) -- 303-360-9153
Ace Hobby Shop
Ace Resin (casting supplies) -- 520-886-8051
Accu-Scale Models & Hobbies
Aero-Hobby -- Spain
AeroModeller Books (and Kits)
Aeroscala Models
Aircraft In Miniature
Airliners America
Andrew Kempees (HO armor) -- 610-760-2819
Andy's Hobby Headquarters
APC Hobbies -- 804-973-2705
ATP Airliners America
Auto Passion Modelisme
Aviation USK
Between the Bookends (armor) -- 501-568-1242
Brookhurst Hobbies
C&S Hobbies
CBS Models (airliners) -- 903-652-6111
Campbell Tools (mills and lathes)
Classic Aircraft Collections Ltd
Collectors Models
Colpar Hobbies
The Comic Grapevine
D&J Hobby
Dean's Hobby Shop -- 810-659-2137
Denbigh Hobby Center
Discount Plastic Models
The Dromedary (ships) -- 915-584-2445
Four Star Collectibles
French Collection
Gemo Display Cases
Green's Models
Hapico Resin Kits from Japan
Hob-Bee Hive
Hobby Bounties
HobbyTown USA
Hobby World
In Stock Hobby
International Hobby Supply
Internet Hobbies
J-bar Hobbies -- 517-423-3684
Jersey Shore Hobby Center -- 800-941-0445
Johns Discount Hobbies -- 858-513-8358
Kangourou Hobbies
Keystone Military Models
The Last Square
Light Works USA
Linden Hill Imports
Marco Polo
Mighty Military Miniatures -- 360-871-2153
Mike's Tools -- Modelers Tools
Minicraft Tools -- The General Store
Modelers Vault
Model Expo
Model Motorcars Ltd -- 407-862-5168
Mondo Ridotto -- Italy
The Naval Base
North Coast Hobbies (spray booths) -- 412-331-9970
Northstar (miniature metal working machines)
Nostalgic Plastic
Online Hobbies
Pacific Front Hobbies
Panzer Army HQ
Pemmsa Machine Tools
Pinnacle Hobby
Pittsburgh Receiver & Gauge
Precision Enterprises -- 802-885-3094
Precision Parts -- 613-224-9071
Proxxon -- Modelers Tools
The Red Lancers -- 717-742-8118
Research in Scale -- 973-742-1998
The Right Stuff Distributors
Rocky Mountain Shipyard
Roll Models
Rus-Sell -- Russian Models
RZM Imports
S&J Hobbies -- 718-979-0882
San Antonio Hobby Shop -- 650-941-1278
Santa Barbara Hobbies
Saratoga Soldier Shop
Scale Model Directory
Sci-Fi Matters
Sentai Distributors
Sentinel Miniatures
Sierra Scale
Sopwith Hobbies -- 305-665-5730
Stevens International (dist) -- 609-435-7645
Studio 9 -- Tailand
Stuempfle's Military Miniatures
Sub Level 3 (sci-fi)
Texas World Hobbies
Tom's Trains of Connecticut
Toy Directory
UltraCast Aircraft Accessories
URS Electronics
Ventura Hobbies
Vision Models -- 630-985-9780
VLS Corporation
W B Hobbies
War and Pieces -- 860-232-0608
West Hobbies -- 909-796-3069
Whistle Stop Trains
White Ensign Models
Wings America
Z&Z Hobbies

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