YP-84A Thunderjet

The YP-84A Thunderjets were essentially similar to the XP-84A, but with the addition of Browing M2 machine guns, and provision for auxiliary wingtip fuel tanks. Initially, 25 service test and 74 (or 75 -- authorities differ) operational aircraft were ordered. This was later changed to 15 service test aircraft, designated YP-84A, and the other 84 (or 85) aircraft were delivered with upgraded specifications and so redesignated as P-84B. Subsequent to specified changes for the B-model Thunderjets, all YP-84As were brought up to B-model specifications including being retrofitted with ejection seats, cockpit air conditioning, and the M3 machine guns.

Identification Features:
Pitot tube moved to upper part of vertical tail; navigation lights moved to front corners of wingtips.
Serial Numbers:
45-59482 through 45-59496.

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YP-84A 45-59494 at unknown location. Photo courtesy of Michael Bradley.

YP-84A 45-59494 at Chanute Air Force Base. Photo by Gregory S. Spahr.

Note that these photos, taken many years apart, are of the same aircraft.
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YP-84A Thunderjet with NACA Intake Ducts

Site visitor Thomas Goetz submitted these photos of YP-84A 45-59482, the first of the YP-84A series produced. It has what apparently is a spun-aluminum nose cone fitted over the nose intake, with NACA intake ducts fitted in place of the nose intake. No other information is known about this aircraft at the date of posting (20011205).

Identification Feature:
Nose cone and NACA intake ducts.
Serial Number:

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YP-84A 45-59482 with NACA intake ducts, 3/4 view. Photo courtesy of Thomas Goetz.

YP-84A 45-59482 with NACA intake ducts, front view. Photo courtesy of Thomas Goetz.

If anyone has information about this aircraft as modified, or the program it was modified for, please contact Thomas Goetz (see Information Wanted page for his email) and this web site via email.

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