XF-84H "Thundershriek"

The XF-84H was modifed from an RF-84F by adding a turboprop engine and converting the production tail to a T-tail. Two aircraft were completed, 51-17059 and 51-17060. The first aircraft was taken to Edwards AFB in December, 1954, with first flight on 21 July, 1955. The second aircraft arrived at Edwards on 14 May, 1956, and was later used by the Navy for evalution during their VTOL program. The original designation was XF-106, later changed to XF-84H. Dubbed "Thundershriek" because of the intollerable sound made by the sonic booms emitted by the propeller.

Identification Features:
The propeller, T-tail, vortex generator behind canopy, former ground-crew wearing hearing aids.

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The first of the two XF-84H Thundershrieks. Photo courtesy of Raymond L. Puffer, Ph.D., Historian, History Center, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB.

XF-84H 51-17059 at Kern County Airport, Bakersfield, California. The aircraft has since been taken to Dayton, Ohio, for restoration. Photo by Greg Spahr.

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