An excerpt from an email regarding ANG F-84F service in Europe during the Cold War:

"[In the batch of photos], you'll find a plane from Bach's unit (NJ ANG) just landed in the rain at Chaumont AB, France, having completed the ferry flight from the US during 'Operation Stairstep' -- Nova Scotia to Greenland to Iceland to Scotland to air bases in England and France. This was the height of the Cold War when we stood toe-to-toe with the Russians and East Germans at the Wall. Apparently the USAF didn't feel they had enough muscle in Europe, so they called up the reserves -- literally. Pilots of Air National Guard units from several states, flying F-84Fs (air to ground and ground troop support) and RF-84Fs (reconnaissance) flew their planes across the North Atlantic to lend support in the event of a confrontation with the Eastern Bloc nations. This was one of the more frightening episodes in this country's post-WWII history, surpassed perhaps only by the Cuban Missle Crisis."Bob Young

Photos courtesy of Bob Young.

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New Jersey ANG F-84F at Chaumont Air Base, France

An F-84F of the Ohio ANG

Four Ohio ANG F-84Fs in flight over France

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