Netherlands Skyblazers F-84G Thunderjet

Skyblazers Aerobatic Team 1951

By Paul van den Elsaker

This team was formed within months after the delivery of the F-84E to 311 Squadron. Hoever, the team only existed for several months. Note that this unconfirmed information conflicts with the official history of 311 Squadron. The first four F-84E aircraft were delivered to 311 Squadron on March 15, 1951. In September 1951, 311 Squadron had 18 F-84E Thunderjets on strength. The F-84G aircraft were delivered to 311 Squadron during April, May, and June 1952. Also note that the official history of Volkel Airbase states that a team named Skyblazers was active in 1953, with Major de Zwaan as leader.

Aircraft: F-84E
Team members: Unknown
Origin: 311 Squadron at Volkel Airbase

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