Netherlands F-84G Thunderjet

F-84G Aerobatic Team 1953

By Paul van den Elsaker

This team performed on May 2nd, 1953, during a celebration at Eindhoven Airbase. It is not known if this team was "formed for the occasion" or had a more definitive background. It is most possible that this team also performed during the Ilsy Aerobatic championships at Ypenburg Airbase on August 2 and 3, 1952. The team performed again on July 16th, 1953, at Eindhoven Airbase, and on July 18th, 1953, at Soesterberg Airbase. Note that it might be possible that this team is the same as the Skyblazers at Volkel Airbase; see that page. However, apart from Major de Zwaan, all other team members flew the F-84G at 314 Squadron, stationed at Eindhoven Airbase.

Aircraft: F-84G
Team members: Maj. de Zwaan; Capt. Vilijn; Lt. Elkerbout; joined in June, 1953, by Capt. Poublon
Origin: Most probably Eindhoven Airbase

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