Netherlands Red Noses

Red Noses Team 1956 and 1957

By Paul van den Elsaker

This team was formed, flying the F-84G, in 1956 and competed, with the F-84F, in the 1957 edition of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Aerobatic Championships, which was held at Twenthe Airbase, August 10, 1957 (first leg) and at Gilze-Rijen Airbase, August 24, 1957 second leg). The team finished seventh, with a total of 259 points. The name "Red Noses" refers to the squadron colour, red, painted on the noses of its F-84s.

Aircraft: F-84G and F-84F
Team members: Capt. Poublon, leader; Lt. de Jong, Hans, #2; Lt. de Koning, #3; Vdg. Verdonk, #4
Origin: 314 Squadron at Eindhoven Airbase

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