Netherlands Redskins/Whiskey Four

Redskins and Whiskey Four 1967

By Paul van den Elsaker

This team was formed in early 1967, named "Redskins." In April 1967 the team was renamed Whiskey Four 1967, after the former T-33 instructors' "Whiskey Four" team from Woensdrecht Airbase. The aircraft were painted in an all green colour scheme, with a red, white and blue painted tail. The team was very serious about practicing aerobatics, as three flights a day were made. However, on June 5th, 1967, 1 Lt. Schuur crashed during an afternoon training session, and he died on June 11th. The team's first scheduled performance, for June 25th at Brussel/Melsbroek Airbase, Belgium, was cancelled, and it was decided by the CinC, RNLAF, to disband the team altogether.

Aircraft: F-84F
Team members: 1 Lt. van der Windt; 1 Lt. Willemsen; 1 Lt. Schuur; 2 Lt. Bakker; 1 Lt. van Rijhswijck, reserve
Aircraft painted in the team colours: P-182; P-200; P-201; P-218; P-228; P-232; and P-257
Origin: 314 Squadron at Eindhoven Airbase

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F-84F P-201 of Netherlands "Whiskey Four" team. Photo courtesy of Michael Klaver.

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