Taiwan Thunder Tigers

Thunder Tigers

By Masato Ota

I am a Japanese member of IPMS(UK) Aerobatic Display Teams Special Interest Group. The Taiwanese F-84 aerobatic team was "Thunder Tigers" from No.1 sqn. They first appeared on 14 August 1954 with four F-84Gs, but at that time they were an unofficial team and without a team name. In December 1954, they became the ROCAF official aerobatic team, and in 1956, they got the name "Thunder Tigers." They increased their aircraft number to 11 in their F-84G era. In 1959, they re-equipped with F-86Fs. After that, they converted to F-5A then F-5E. Now they belong to AF Academy and are active with seven Taiwanese-built AT-3 trainers.

A Taiwanese decals manufacturer "Tiger Wings" has released the "Thunder Tigers" decals for F-84G in 1/48th scale, sheet #8400. (That decal sheet is reviewed in the model section of this site).

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