USAFE Skyblazers F-84G Thunderjet

When I was eleven years old, I saw General Eisenhower in 1951 at Ypenburg AFB near The Hague at the occasion of the transfer of the first F-84E to the Royal Dutch Air Force during an Open Day. [The F-84s flew over] from Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, via Schiphol (Amsterdam) because they could not land at Ypenburg. We also saw an unforgettable demo of the USAFE Skyblazers. Especially, the bursting-bomb figure at the end of the show and returning to each other very low over the crowd was very, very impressive. Of course, that is not allowed any more, but I miss it.
So far as I can remember, besides the two Pattilo twins, the pilots mentioned were Evans and Damwood or Damewood. Perhaps someone can confirm that. The extra pilot, James O'brien, was tragically killed in an accident in 1952. [See photo below -- Ed.]

Hans van Ettinger

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