F-84G Thunderjet Auxiliary Air Inlet

During its service life, the Thunderjet was to receive several engine upgrades; all additional power was welcome, as the "Hog" needed any help it could get to shorten the take-off run. As a result of an engine upgrade, and the resulting need for more air supply to the more powerful engine, starting with the F84G-10RE models, auxiliary air inlet doors -- the so-called "blow-in" or "suck-in" doors -- were installed on either side of the fuselage into the intake ducts under the cockpit. These doors were spring loaded, and would open when low pressure occured in the intake ducts to supplement air supply to the engine at the zero or low speeds which occured primarily during run-up or taxi. Production installation of the auxiliary air inlets commenced with serial number 51-1067, and they were retrofitted to most prior F-84G models.

Illustration and photo from Republic archives courtesy of E.J. Boss.

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"Figure 79A. Door Assembly - Auxiliary Air Inlet. Revised 1 November 1952"

Photo of auxiliary air inlet on an F-84G-15RE.

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