Thunderjet Wingroot Panel Comparison

The Thunderjet fuselage was extended 15 inches starting with the E model. The extension was added at station 157, which made the extension "overlap" the leading edge of the wing rather than being "inserted" ahead of the wing. Although, generally, the extension was inserted at station 157, in fact, the extension was distributed into several areas from cockpit to station 220. Externally, the primary indicator of the extension is visible by the changes to the wing root panels and by a 3-inch "splice" behind the canopy. The splice is documented on the Spine Splice page.

F-84 Thunderjet Wing Root up to D-model F-84 Thunderjet Wing Root E- and G-models

This is the early wingroot. Notice the fillet panel extends in a straight line. This particular aircraft has had a rough patch panel inserted at the leading edge to substitute for the original panel which was missing. Also note that there is no narrow vertical panel just ahead of the leading edge fillet. The panels ahead of the wing root are different from early to late.

This is the late wingroot. Notice the fillet panel slopes downward toward the leading edge. The two ends of the slope are at the two stations where the fuselage was extended. Note the addition of the vertical panel in front of the leading edge fillet, and that there are many differences in the access panels from early to late Thunderjets.

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