Thunderjet Main Wheel Comparison

The Thunderjet had two different styles of main landing gear wheels fitted. The "early" models, XP-84 to P-84C, with the hydraulic gear collapse system had the Bendix "closed" ribbed style main wheels. The "late" models, F-84D/E/G, with the mechanical gear collapse system had either the Bendix "closed" ribbed style or the Electrol "open" steel disk style main wheels. One need only look at which style of wheel is present on an D/E/G-model Thunderjet to tell whether the Bendix or Electrol struts are installed. Tire size is 30x7.7. Illustrations from Republic archives courtesy of E.J. Boss.

P/F-84 Main Wheel Bendix P/F-84 Main Wheel Electrol

P/F-84 main wheel illustration Bendix.

P/F-84 main wheel illustration Electrol.

P-84B Main Wheel P-84C Main Wheel F-84E Main Wheel

Main gear wheel on P-84B. Bendix style.

Main gear wheel on P-84C. Bendix style.

Main gear wheel on F-84E. Electrol Style.

Notice the difference in the tires on the three aircraft, and, compare the strut details on the B-model (hydraulic compression) to the E-model (mechanical compression). Also, the upper main gear door on the B-model is not the correct style for a B-model as it is from a D- or later model.

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