F-84G Thunderjet Refueling Receptacle -- Wing

The F-84G had provision for in-flight refueling installed in the left wing leading edge near the wing root. The fuel receptacle installation was designed to be used with the flying-boom refueling system developed by Boeing. The receptacle was covered by two fairing doors which were opened for refueling operations.

Published accounts indicate the system worked, but was a source of irritation to the pilots because practical use required the pilot to alternate his attention first from looking ahead to maintain his position relative to the tanker ahead then to looking back and down to the left to maintain his position relative to the refueling probe extended from the tanker. The intent was to rely on the probe operator in the tanker to position the probe while the pilot focused forward, but it seems the intent and the practice didn't always match. Whatever the problems may have been, the system did work, and was frequently used operationally, particularly for ferry flights.

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F-84G in-flight refueling receptacle and door assembly.
Republic via E.J. Boss.

309th FES F-84G in-flight refueling from KB-29P.
Herb Ricord via Joe Vincent.

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