RF-84G Reconnaissance Equipment

Webmaster's note: F-84G Thunderjets equiped with recce cameras by modification to Fletcher tanks or by addition of cameras under-fuselage were designated RF-84G. They were known to be used operationally in France and Yugoslavia.

by Duncan Curtis

In 1960, with the withdrawal from operational Yugoslav service of piston-engined reconnaissance aircraft (especially Mosquito Mk 38s), modification of the first F-84G aircraft to reconnaissance configuration was carried out. This modification was carried out by Vazduhoplovno Tehnickog Remontnog Zavoda 'Jastreb' (Air Force Technical Repair Centre/VTRZ 'Hawk') at Zemun. It involved fitting built-in equipment with aero-foto film in the nose of the aircraft and tip-tanks. First of these modified F-84Gs was alloted to operational units during 1961. Upon delivery, the modified aircraft were designated as RF-84G, and entered operational service with 184 Reconnaissance Aircraft Wing.

A further unit (unknown) converted from indigenous Ikarus 214s to the RF-84G in 1966. They survived in service until 1973.

Photos in the Yugoslav book Jets shows both the tip tank installation (which I gather could be rotated for maintenance and/or for exposing different camera windows) and the camera fitted just aft of the nosewheel.

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RF-84G fitted with recce modifications to Fletcher tanks.

RF-84G fitted with under-fuselage recce camera.

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RF-84G fitted with under-fuselage recce camera.

RF-84G fitted with recce modifications to Fletcher tank.

Photos by Bojan Dimitrijevic, courtesy of Duncan Curtis.
Used by permission.

Reconnaissance Conversions to F-84G

By Joo Vidal

In August 1954 the "Arme de l'Air" 33ER squadron at Cognac, France was in preparation to receive the RF-84F. Meanwhile, to fulfil the REC mission, the squadron engineers decided to produce an in-house conversion of the right T-33A Fletcher tip tank to a "REC POD" for the F-84G.

Webmaster's note: Similar conversions were also used in Yugoslavia; see the Yugoslavia Service page.

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Illustration of reconnaissance conversion to Fletcher tank.
Aircraft so converted were designated RF-84G.

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