1/48th Scale Kits Under-Wing Comparison

This photo shows the general differences in the Hawk, Collect-Aire, Battle Axe, and Tamiya 1/48th Scale Thunderjet kit under-wing parts.

Compare Wings on Fourt Kits

Left to right are Hawk, Collect-Aire (as I modified part), Collect-Aire unmodified, Battle Axe, and Tamiya parts. The Battle Axe part shows the mismatch of upper and lower wing half parts. The Collect-Aire part shows poor resin flow into the mold and the light-colored flow lines are brittle unbonded feather edges. Notice the diffences in gear well cutout shapes and gear well detail. The Hawk has no gear well detail, and the gear well shape is grossly incorrect; the Collect-Aire part I modified has a resin cast "copy" of the Monogram F-84F gear well detail; the unmodified Collect-Aire part has the "ribs" running chordwise rather than spanwise, and the gear well shape is not correct; the Battle Axe resin cast insert is close to correct, but, for example, the cylinder protrudes outside the wing surface, and the gear well shape is not correct; the Tamiya part closely matches the real aircraft both in gear well detail and shape.

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