1/48th Scale Kits Auxiliary Tank Comparison

This photo shows the general differences in the Hawk, Collect-Aire, Battle Axe, and Tamiya 1/48th Scale Thunderjet kit auxiliary wing tank parts.

Top to bottom are Hawk, Collect-Aire, Battle Axe, and Tamiya parts. The first three elected to split the tanks at the horizonal (longitudinal) center line; Tamiya split the tanks at the vertical (longitudinal) center line, so it looks more fat than Hawk or Battle Axe. The Collect-Aire part is too large in diameter, and the integrally cast fin is too large and shaped incorrectly. Hawk does not have the F-84G seam cover, the others have it; this is most likely because it appears the Hawk part is correctly sized for the earlier, non-finned 185 gallon tanks which did not have the seam fairing. The Hawk and Collect-Aire parts do not have a separate landing light, the others do. Generally, all details of the tanks considered, only the Tamiya part is correct for the 230 gallon tank used on later Thunderjets.

Compare Tanks on Four Kits

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