TAMIYA 1/48th F-84G KIT #61060

Canopy Fix and Brace Order

Tamiya F-84G Kit #61060 Canopy Fix

This photo shows the location of the incorrect brace -- the blue lines on the upper canopy -- on the Tamiya canopy which should be removed by sanding and polishing. I use a cosmetic sanding stick for the gross removal, then a series of seven sanding cloths starting with 1800 grit and finishing with 12000 grit. I do a final polish with a liquid silverware polish. The lower canopy is shown after sanding with the cosmetic sanding stick. It is okay to sand "into" the other braces, because the decal strips (see photo below) will cover any parts of the other braces which may be partially sanded off by removing the incorrect brace.

Addendum: I found later that the aft center bracing tape should not extend to the tail of the canopy. Therefore, the aft center bracing tape as indicated by the lighter blue lines at the right should also be removed using the same technique discussed above.

NOTE: The bracing tapes lines on the ProMod canopy are correct, so just cut and apply white or off-white decals in the order shown below to correctly represent the bracing tapes on the ProMod canopy.

F-84 Canopy Brace Application Order

This photo shows the correct order to apply the decals to simulate the white fiberglass tape canopy braces bonded to the outside of the canopy, which overlapped at the joints. When new, the braces were nearly white; with aging, the fiberglass tape takes on an eggshell or ivory tint, and grime settles into the weave in the fiberglass lending a stained gray cast. Unlike what some sources state, the braces were not aluminum color, they were not metal, nor were they on the inside of the canopy. The correct method to show the braces is to use white or off-white decal strips, and the correct order to place the decals to correctly show the overlapped brace joints is as follows:
(1) The two lower side braces; (2) All transverse braces; (3) The three upper longitudinal braces.

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