Monogram 1/48th F-84F Kit #5432 Olive Drab
See also Kit #5437 Silver

Price Unknown

This is one of two reasonably available 48th scale Thunderstreak kits; Heller's is the other. I think, but don't know for sure, that this kit came before the Heller kit. Whichever, this is the better of the two. In fact, until the Tamiya Thunderjet came along, this was the best of any F-84 model available, and it is still the best of the Thunderstreak/Thunderflash kits available. I bought four over a period of time, all "used" (meaning not retail). All are the 5432 olive drab kit. I paid as low as $7.00, with a high of $12.00. I don't know the going prices on the used kit market. I used one of the kits to kitbash together with a Lindberg XF-91 to "detail" the Thunderceptor. Two are still unbuilt, one is ready to paint (which is where it has languished since I got sidetracked on this little web site project). The silver kit, #5437, is reviewed on another page on this site.


Raised panel lines, but much more discreet than the ones on the Heller kit; also more accurately done. Fit is good, little flash; reasonable detail in cockpit, gear wells, and speed brake wells, good landing gear and fairings detail. My kit had only one or two small sink holes needing filled, but otherwise went together without a hitch. The decals provided are for two aircraft, 52-6368 and 52-9098. 6368 is listed in Aerofax Minigraph No 15 as an F-84F-30-RE, and 9098 is listed as an F-84F-51-GK, which block is also noted "cancelled." 6368 represents the metal finish CO aircraft for 131st TFW, Missouri ANG, and 9098 represents a camo-painted aircraft from Texas ANG.

The primary difference in this kit and the silver kit #5437 is that the silver kit has one pylon-mounted auxillary fuel tanks, no bombs, and includes the "Shape" nuclear device, while this kit has two of the auxilliary fuel tanks, two bombs, and no "Shape." All other parts are common to both kits.

I have spent much more time learning about the plank wing series, but, my less-thorough knowledge of the Thunderstreak tells me this kit is pretty much right on. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. UPDATE: See the Fuselage and Wing Comparison pages for more comments on the differences in the Monogram and Heller kits. Also, as Harold Offield and I have compared the kits, our current belief is that the Monogram more correctly represents F-84F models before block 65, and that the Heller more correctly represents block 65 and subsequent. But, the jury is still out.

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A good kit. Builds into a moderately detailed representation without any aftermarket stuff; makes a great kit for the super-detailer. Only rated at seven because it is starting to show its age when compared to the new kits with engraved details and even better detailed kit parts. Also, a very good kit for a beginner who is ready to tackle something more difficult than a snap together kit.

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