Collectors' prices: Approx $150

A fellow modeler, Bob Berry, loaned me this kit for "review." I was informed the kit was produced for several years during the 1950s, and early 1960s. The copyright date on the instruction sheet is 1950, and on the box is 1956. The catalog in the box, although undated, appears to be from about 1962.


This Monogram F-84 is a "flying" model with parts primarily of balsa and tissue. There are a few injection molded plastic parts, the canopy is vacuformed, and the "gear" is wire with rubber tires. The "detail" is provided by cutting printed paper panels from the instruction sheet. Markings are from a minimal decal sheet, which, considering the era, is not too badly printed. However, the serial number provided, 45-2405, is a spurious number not matching that of any F-84. From the "details" of the model, it can be concluded it was based -- and I use that term loosely -- on a B-model. Assembled length is about 12" and span is about 11-1/2" which works out to approximately 1/37th scale.

I don't pretend or suggest this would be a model to buy and build with intent to create an accurate model of a Thunderjet. It is probably not even a particularly good flying model, although one of the "suggested" uses is to add a "jet" motor to the belly, tether it to a pivot with a string, light off the motor and watch it fly in circles! Could be ...! It cost one whole buck back in the '50s, I'm told it is worth about $150 now. Why ruin a good investment by building it!

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Box art.

Some of the parts.

More of the parts.

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Instruction sheet.

Building hints sheet.

A page from the catalog in the kit.

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This Monogram F-84 "Speedee-Bilt" kit it is now primarily a collector's kit, and, because it is not possible to use if for an accurate Thunderjet model, I have not rated the kit.

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