1/48th Scale Kits Wing Comparison

These photos show the general differences in the Monogram and Heller 1/48th Scale Thunderstreak kit wing (unmodified) parts. My thanks to Harold Offield for bringing these differences to my attention.

Compare Fuselage of Monogram and Heller Kits, Monogram side

This shows the wing parts from the Monogram and Heller kits. The Heller kit has lines for the leading edge slats, the Monogram does not. The Heller has lines for the refueling doors, but they are not accurately placed. The Monogram has a raised panel for the refueling doors, but they should be flush with the wing surface. The Monogram has wingtip lights, the Heller does not. The Heller has the main gear wells molded with the lower wing panel, and the detail is sparse and not particularly accurate. The Monogram has the gearwell detail molded into the inner surface of the upper wing panel (not shown here) and the detail is better and more accurate, though it invites additional detailing.

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