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AeroMaster 1/72nd F-84G Kit #7202

Price: Retail unknown. I paid $15.00 at a swap meet

This kit is based on the Heller F-84G, reviewed elsewhere on this site. AeroMaster added photo etched, resin, and vacuform parts, plus their own decal sheet.

Kit Review

The kit is packed in a white cardboard "advertising" box that has lists of kits, parts, and decals available (or that were available) from AeroMaster, but there is no box art. It is a "limited run" kit, numbered as "458 of 1000." The excellent AeroMaster decal sheet has markings for:
F-84G 51-10437 FS-427, Night Take Off 58th, FBW, Taegu, 1952
F-84G 51-10460 FS-460, 8th FBS 49th FBG, Korea, 1952
F-84G serial unknown* FS-535-C, 430th FBS, Korea, Summer 1952
*Tail number 1535 should be serial 51-535, but no F-84 of any model is listed with that serial number.

The resin cockpit is in two pieces; I taped them together for scanning as the instrument panel would not stay upright on the scanner. The small amber pieces are ejection seat rails. A film panel and gunsight are provided, but they are not shown. The kit has a vacuform canopy, also not shown, which like the kit canopy, is missing the aft centerline bracing tape. It seems like the kit manufacturers are having a difficult time with that particular bracing tape, either omitting it (as in both this kit and the Heller kit) or making it too long (as on most of the other kits). At least ProModeler has gotten it right.

AeroMaster's parts are good (the cockpit) to excellent (the photo etched fret). However, the vacform canopy is no improvement on the kit canopy. Generally, the added parts certainly make the Heller kit better. However, the Tamiya and Academy Thunderjets are now available, and, although the detail parts from this kit rival or exceed the comparable parts from those kits, the remainder of the kit (the Heller parts) are just too inaccurate by comparison.

So, my recommendation is, if you have one of these kits and haven't yet built it, get either the Tamiya or the Academy kit and use some of these detail parts to enhance that kit. And, Aires and others now have some detail sets for the Tamiya kit, and they most likely will work with the Academy kit. Further, if you don't have one of these kits already, the possibility of getting one is pretty slim, considering there were only 1000 produced.

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Box label, AeroMaster 1/72nd scale F-84G.

Photo etched parts, AeroMaster 1/72nd scale F-84G.

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Decal sheet, AeroMaster 1/72nd scale F-84G.

Resin parts, AeroMaster 1/72nd scale F-84G.

Rete One Rete One Rete One Rate Zero Rate Zero

At one time, this Heller-plus-detail-parts kit from AeroMaster would be the Thunderjet kit of choice in 1/72nd scale. But, now that the Tamiya F-84G and Academy F-84E/G kits are available, either of those kits is the best choice. The "5" rating of the Heller kit jumps to a "6" with these detail parts. But that improvement doesn't approach the "9" of the Tamiya kit or the "9" of the Academy kit.

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