AGA 1/72nd F-84G KIT #104
Also Plastyk or Inplast

Retail Prices: $4.96

The AGA F-84G is white injection molded plastic. The kit has engraved panel lines, at least, what panel lines there are. It takes little inspection to conclude that this kit not only is crude, but is also sadly inaccurate.


Kit consists of 42 white plastic parts on four trees, six clear parts, and one out-of-register decal sheet. Three of the parts are of the slotted speed brake but none are of the perforated speed brake used on the G-model! Three identical parts for a speed brake on a plane with only one speed brake? Makes sense to someone -- but not to me! I compared the parts trees to those in the Heller kit; the parts trees on the two kits are obviously not direct copies (whichever came first), but on the other hand, it is clear someone used the other kit as a guide to parts breakout. The panel lines on the fuselage are not even close to accurate, and only the flap and aileron demarkations are engraved on the wings. Several small sinkholes are present, the landing gear with integral fairings has a new slant (literally), there is no cockpit detail and the instrument panel is represented by a posturing decal. Decals are provided for two aircraft. One is a natural metal "US Air Force Year 1949, Korea" which has decals for FS-217, serial number 51-16217. Cool -- a plane manufactured in 1951 showed up in Korea in 1949, in a war that didn't start until June, 1950. Most likely, it was flown by Elvis. The other is a camouflage scheme "Yugoslav Air Forces of the year 1947-1955" which has decals for white 543, serial number 51-10549. At least the serial numbers are for G-models, if not for the years mentioned. The windscreen has a gross bulge, and to add insult to injury, an ejector pin is planted squarely in the middle. The canopy bracing tapes lines wander all over the map, the dorsal spine has a hump, and the vertical tail is misshapen. It doesn't get better.

Not a chance that I will build this; it reminds me of the toys that came free in breakfast cereal boxes when I was a kid. If you have one, frame the box art and test fly the kit -- before you build it. For fuselage differences, see 72nd scale kit fuselages compared

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Box Art, AGA kit #104.

Decals, AGA kit #104.

Parts Tree, AGA kit #104.

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This kit has great box art.

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