TAMIYA 1/72nd F-84G KIT #060

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Review and photos by Drewe Manton
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Price: 1000 Yen in Japan

First Look!

This is Tamiya's brand new Republic F-84G Thunderjet. As will be obvious from a quick glance this is really just a direct scale down of last years beautiful 48th model -- and is proof positive (as if we needed it after the 72nd Skyray!) that Tamiya can do anything in 72nd that they can in 48th. Main differences between this and its big brother are in the wings ... the tip tanks are moulded integrally this time 'round and the flaps are moulded in the up position rather than being seperate ... both minor differences that I can live with. I have included some close-ups of some of the interior detail that you may comapre with a 48th kit if you have one handy so you can see just how finely they have scaled down all the detail. Even the decal options are the same as the 48th kit and are beautifuly printed, BUT! ... as they are the same horribly thick kind of decals as in the 48th kit, in this scale they will be even more obtrusive and I highly recommend replacing them. I myself have a couple of the new Aeromaster "Thunderjets over Korea" sheets on their way to me now. This is clearly far superior to the nearly-20-year-old Heller offering (of which I have a few), but we shouldn't be too hard on that model ... it was (is) very nice, it has just been caught by the march of progress.

Just as a final point ... this model costs 1000 Yen in Japan, these kinds of prices for this kind of model are difficult to argue with and must have Hasegawa with their nearly 3000 yen TA-154s looking nervously over their shoulders! ... Roll on the baby Mosquitos!

One of two grey parts trees

One of two grey parts trees.

Second of two grey parts trees

Second of two grey parts trees.

One of two parts trees

Decal sheet.

Clear parts tree Cockpit

Clear parts tree


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Instrument panel

Gun bay

Main gear well

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