Airfix 1/72nd F-84F KIT #3022
Also MPC -- See MPC Kit #14215

Collector Prices: Unknown

I have two Airfix F-84F kits (and one of the MPC kits). One is light gray injection molded plastic, the other is silver plastic. The kit has raised panel lines. I paid $3.00 each for the kits at a kit swap meet. I have not investigated pricing otherwise.


The kit consists of 52 parts, six clear parts, and one decal sheet. The parts are average quality, with some flash, a few sink holes, and fairly large attachment runners. As all three kits had parts detached from trees, I was unable to tell whether the kits come with some parts removed from the trees, or if a prior owner had removed them. The raised panel lines could be smaller, but are not grossly oversized. Dry fit of parts indicates reasonable fit, with occasional gaposis; the tailpipe and nose splitter leave noticable gaps as they don't fit to the fuselage well. Cockpit detail is not present on the consoles, but the instrument panel and deck are reasonably well detailed. I do know this plane won't fly as furnished, because the pilot figure has no legs. The canopy and windscreen are separate parts, so the canopy may be posed open. The too-thick quarter windows are separate pieces to fit into frames molded into the fuselage halves. Detail in the speed brake wells is good for the scale, but there is no detailing in gear wells. Nose gear detail is quite good, but the shrink strut is missing. Alternate parts are furnished for main gear struts and fairings if built with gear down, or fairings if built for in-flight. The decals look quite good, details are good, colors look right, and they are in register on the two kits I have. The decals with the kits are for Luftwaffe DD-372 in camouflage scheme, and for USAF FS-317, serial number 52-6713, natural metal.

I haven't built one of these, but it looks like a reasonable kit of the subject.

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Box Art, Airfix kit #3022.

Box Art, Airfix kit #03022.

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Decals, Airfix kit #3022.

Fuselage, Airfix kit #3022.

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The Testors/Italeri kit of the subject is the other alternative. I can't say I favor one over the other, as they both have strong and weak points which make a comparison come out as a wash.

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