Thunderjets over Korea Part II

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The Tamiya F-84G, being the current definitive 1/48th scale kit of the subject, is a worthy subject of aftermarket decals. AeroMaster released three sets of Korean War decals for the Tamiya kit. This is set number 2 of 3.


Thunderjets over Korea Part II supplies decals for three subjects, on two sheets, along with two colorful information sheets plus an instruction sheet. This set is for FS-306, FS-077-A, and FS-191-A. As with the yellow on Part I of this series, AeroMaster's interpretation of the yellow tends more toward orange. FS-306 offers a black and white alternative to the yellow and black seen on three of the other schemes in this series. FS-077-A is a simple blue scheme; a supplementary sheet is supplied with replacement decals, as the decals for this aircraft on the original sheet are too light a shade of blue. FS-191-A is one of the three yellow and black schemes offered. It should be noted that FS-191-A was an E, not a G. As the Tamiya kit is a G, the appropriate panel lines, the refueling door lines, and the auxiliary intake doors should be deleted to correctly represent the E model.

Registration is perfect on both sheets, and the colors look great. Also, both the decal base and the inks appear to be thinner than those used for the Tamiya kit decals. I have not used any of the AeroMaster Thunderjet decals at this writing. My two unbuilt Thunderjets are for another project, so I will not be using these decals in the near future. However, based on my experience with other AeroMaster decals, and the appearance of these sheets, it is safe to say they are well worth the purchase price.

AeroMaster F-84E/G Decal Set Two, Sheet One AeroMaster F-84E/G Decal Set Two, Sheet Two

AeroMaster Thunderjets over Korea Part II,
sheet A on the left and sheets B and C above.

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This AeroMaster decal set is reasonably priced at $6.70. If one of these three subjects is your intended model, don't hesitate to buy these excellent decals.

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