Thunderjets in France and Denmark

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Model Art has released this set of decals for the 1/48th scale Tamiya kit for five French and one Royal Danish Airforce F-84G Thunderjets. The set also features decals for Mustangs in 1945.


A number of decal sets are being released for the Thunderjet, and the two sheets in this set by Model Art provide decals for a good variety of F-84G subjects from France and one from Denmark. The subjects are:

Armée de l'Air
1-NQ, E.C. 1/1 "Corse" Saint-Dizier, 1953, with red and black wing tanks
1-PA, E.C. 3/1 "Argonne" Saint-Dizier, 1954, with green and black wing tanks
3-VX, E.C. 3/3 "Ardennes" Reims, 1955, in Insignia red and matte black over natural metal
11-TX, E.C. 3/11 "Jura"Luxeuil, 1955, with yellow and green wing tanks
11-TN, E.C. 3/11 "Jura" Excercice "Carte Blanche" Luxeuil, 1955, with yellow and green wing tanks and "CarteBlanche" stripes

Royal Danish Air Force
A-769, Eskadrillen 730, Circa 1960, in camo scheme with dark blue accents

Registration is perfect on both sheets, the colors look great, and the printing is finely detailed, even in the smallest type. This set has very minimal data and stenciling, so either those from the kit decals or another aftermarket decal sheet will be required to compliment these decals. I have not yet used the Model Art decals at this writing. From the appearance of these sheets, it is safe to say they are well worth the purchase price.

Model Art F-84G Decal Set, Sheet One

Model Art F-84G Decal Set, Sheet Two

Model Art French and Danish F-84G Thunderjets,
sheet A on the left and sheet B above. Note that the top half of sheet A is for WW2 1945 P-51 Mustangs.

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This Model Art two-sheet decal set is fairly priced at $11.50. If one of these six subjects is your intended model, don't hesitate to buy these excellent decals.

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