F-84 Thunderjet

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The Tamiya F-84G, being the current definitive 1/48th scale kit of the subject, is a worthy subject of aftermarket decals. Cutting Edge has released (at the time of this writting) four sets of decals for the Tamiya kit. This stencil set is the third sheet.


This decal sheet supplies stencils for two versions of one aircraft, on one sheet

The subject of this sheet is the F-84E #49-2299 flown by Colonel Robert L. Scott, Jr., Commander 36 FBW, F?rstenfeldbruck AFB, Germany during 1952 and 1953. The aircraft scheme changed slightly during this time, so both versions of the colors are furnished, done from photos and information provided by Col. Scott. Registration is perfect on the sheets, and the colors look great. And, this is a very colorful aircraft to model. The sheet mentions two items (no suck-in doors, no refueling doors) that need to be deleted to backdate the recommended Tamiya kit to E-model specs. However, it does not mention that the tailpipe was for the E-models was either extended oval with lateral taillights, or extended round with stacked taillights. See the How-to page on how to make the oval tailpipe.

Cutting Edge F-84E/G Decals Sheet Three

Cutting Edge decal sheet number 48-108 for Tamiya 1/48th scale F-84G Thunderjet.

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This Cutting Edge decal set is priced at $7.98 for one sheet, compared to $6.95 for the AeroMaster sets which include two sheets. Although value received is not as good, nevertheless, these are excellent decals and if this aircraft is your desired subject -- and it is good subject -- don't hesitate to get this decal sheet.

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