F-84 Thunderjet

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The Tamiya F-84G, being the current definitive 1/48th scale kit of the subject, is a worthy subject of aftermarket decals. Dutch Decal has released (at the time of this writting) one set of decals for the Tamiya kit.


This decal sheet supplies decals for several Dutch-service F-84G aircraft, on two sheets

The subjects of this sheet are: K-66/TB-9, RNethAF 315 Sqd VLB Eindvoven 1952-1956; K-30/*T-23, RNethAF 314 Sqd VLB Eindhoven 1952-1956; K-101/TC-22, RNethAF 316 Sqd VLB Eindhoven 1952-1956; K-171/TB-7, RNethAF 315 Sqd Eindhoven 1952-1956; K-139/PP-11, RNethAF 311 Sqd Voldel 1952-1956; K-71/PP-23, RNethAF 311 Sqd VLB Volkel 1952-1956; K-108/DU-25, RNethAF 312 Sqd VLB Volkel 1952-1956. This later aircraft was used as a target tug, and has a very colorful underside for identification. The decals look good as far as they go. However, there are several notes on the instruction sheet indicating that the sheets are missing some decals which should have been included, that some of the finflash decals are incorrect and those from an alternate 1/32nd scale sheet should be used, and that no Dutch roundels are included on these sheets and are available on a separate sheet 72029.

Dutch Decal F-84G Decal Sheets

Dutch Decal sheet number 48-019 for Tamiya 1/48th scale F-84G Thunderjet.

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This Dutch Decal two-sheet set is priced at $6.95. The subjects are interesting and colorful, although at least one -- and perhaps two -- other sheets are needed in order to complete the markings as indicated on the instruction sheet.

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