F-84E OHIO AND IOWA ANG Thunderjets 1956/1957

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The Tamiya F-84G, and now the Pro-Modeler F-84G, being the current definitive 1/48th scale kits of the subject, are worthy subjects of aftermarket decals. Experts Choice has released (at the time of this writting) three decal sheets for these kits. This is their second F-84 sheet.


The instruction sheet with these Experts Choice decals from Bare Metal Foil state they are designed to fit both the Tamiya and the Pro-Modeler 1/48th scale Thunderjet kits. The two sheets include the decals necessary to model one of three Air National Guard schemes used during the years 1956, and 1957. They are: F-84E-10-RE #49-2261, 162nd FIS, 178th FIW, Ohio ANG, Springfield Municipal Airport, 1956-7; F-84E-25-RE # 51-508, 124th FIS, 132nd FIG, Iowa ANG, Des Moines Airport, 1956, this aircraft transferred to Ohio ANG, 162nd FIS, 178th FIG, Ohio ANG, Springfield Municipal Airport, 1957; F-84E-30-RE #51-638, 166th FIS, 121st FIG, Ohio ANG, Lockbourne AFB, 1956-7. Buy two of these decal sets and build a before and after pair of the 51-508! They even include "bonus emblems" for a display base or coffee cup!

Experts Choice F-84E Ohio/Iowa ANG Decal Set, Sheet One

Experts Choice F-84E Ohio/Iowa ANG Decal Set, Sheet Two

Experts Choice Ohio ANG and Iowa ANG decal sheet set.

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This Experts Choice decal set is priced at $11.95 for two sheets, compared to $6.95 for the AeroMaster sets which include two sheets. A little more pricey perhaps, but still a solid 10, especially if they do fit the Pro-Modeler kit.

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