Thunderjets Part I

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Since the release of the 1/48th scale Tamiya F-84G in 1998, Revell-Monogram added their F-84E and F-84G kits to the mix. Prior after-market decal sets have been designed for the Tamiya kit and its incorrect fin shape and incorrect auxiliary wing-tank size. Skylancer Decals has just released two sets of decals designed to work with the kits from both companys. This is set number 2.


Thunderjets Part 2 consists of two sheets of decals with two subjects on one sheet, a second sheet is furnished with national insignia plus some common data as well as canopy brace tapes. Note that the "second sheet" is common to both Part 1 and Part 2, so is reproduced on a separate page. Included are twelve 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 pages of illustrations, instructions, and notes. One aircraft represented is F-84E-25-RE 51-508, 561st Fighter Escort Squadron, 12th Fighter Escort Group, SAC, Bergstrom AFB, Texas, May, 1951 (FS-508-B). The other is F-84G-5-RE 51-1047, 307th Fighter Escort Squadron, 31st Fighter Escort Group, SAC, Turner AFB, Georgia, June, 1952 (FS-047-A).

Note that the "G" aircraft is from a block number prior to block 20, so does not have the auxiliary intake suck-in doors in the fuselage. The just-released Revell F-84E includes a canopy with brace tapes along with the fuselage panels without the suck-in doors. The kit does not include the "short" (meaning flush with the aft portion of the rudder), so one would have to scavenge a part from the "G" kit or modify the part with the "E" kit to make a correct early "G" Thunderjet. The other option is to use the "G" kit and putty over the suck-in doors or scavenge the "blank" inserts from the "E" kit. Either way, Revell did not include all the necessary parts in either kit to make a correct early "G" Thunderjet. In any case, this decal set is perfect for use on an early "G" model (FS-047-A) or for an "E" (FS-508-B).

The instruction and information sheets are extensive at twelve pages, and, in fact, are far more extensive than any spec sheets I've ever seen with any other decals. Someone has done their homework, perhaps even some office work ... ! My only complaint, albeit a minor one, is that the extensive information is presented in a type size so small I have difficulty reading it. But, hey, the loupe sits on my desk ... and better to read "small" information than to have none.

The sheets are printed for Skylancer by Microscale, and the quality shows. Registration is perfect on both sheets, and the colors appear to my eye to be correct. I measured the small lettering on the data decals at about 1/2 point; almost all lettering is readable using a 4X loupe. I will be using one of the four schemes from either this sheet or the 4803 sheet on one of my (currently two) Revell F-84E kits, and will post a more complete review after I've had a chance to check these out in real time.

Skylancer Thunderjets Part I CW-4803.

Skylancer Thunderjets Part I CW-4803.

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This Skylancer Decals set is reasonably priced at $6.75. If one of these two subjects is your intended model, don't hesitate to buy these excellent decals.

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