F-84 Thunderjets #2

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These decals are recommended for the Heller F-84G. I got this decal sheet at a model swap meet for $1.00.


This is sheet number 2 of Thunderjet decals from Microscale. Decals are included for four subjects. All listed as for F-84Gs, they are:
8th FBS, 49th FBG, FS-460, serial number 51-10460
53rd FBS, 36th FBW, FS-189, serial number 49-2189, as flown by Lt. Col. S. McKee
508th SFW, FS-275, serial number 52-3275, as flown by Col. Cy Willson
27th FEG, FS-027-A, serial number 51-1027, as flown by Col. D.J.M. Blakeslee
I respectfully disagree with the second (49-2189) as being an F-84G; serial numbers and service checks indicate this aircraft with these markings served in Europe, and is an E-model, not a G. Also, other sources spell Cy Willson as Wilson. These decals are thin, well printed, only two of the many decals on the sheet are out of register enough to notice, and the subject aircraft are colorful examples of the Thunderjet.

Every Microscale decal sheet I have seen has been very good to excellent, this sheet included.

Microscale 72-203 F-84 Thunderjets #2 Decal Sheet

Microscale72-203 F-84 Thunderjets #2 Decal Sheet

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Good subjects, high quality, priced right.

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