F-84 Thunderjets #2

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The F-84 decals do not have any recommendation for any particular kit. I got this decal sheet mail order for $0.99.


This sheet from Microscale is for two aircraft flown by Maj. George Laven, Jr. One is for an F-100C, the other for an F-84E. The F-84E is:
86the FBW/525, FS-648, serial number 51-648
The instructions show both the vertical and horizontal tail as having "red checks", and the nose and tanks as having "blue checks." But the decals are all "blue checks" even for the tail surfaces. Also, the instructions show a decal for the tail numbers (one would be needed for each side), but no matching decals are furnished on the sheet. That tail number is not something easily pulled out of the parts box, so the omission is a definite oooops. The sheet also includes a fair number of data decals, a welcome addition to this sheet. These decals are thin, well printed, a couple of the small data decals show slight out of register, and the subject aircraft is a colorful example of the Thunderjet.

Every Microscale decal sheet I have seen has been very good to excellent, this sheet included, but it slips a bit because of the instruction sheet errors and the omitted tail numbers.

Microscale 72-357 Laven Decal Sheet

Microscale 72-357 Laven Decal Sheet

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Good subjects, high quality, priced right, minor errors.

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