Republic of China F-84G

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These F-84G decals do not include any reference for a recommended kit, but based on the instruction sheet drawings, I conclude they are for the Tamiya F-84G kit. I got this decal sheet set mail order from International Hobby Supply for $8.75.


This two-sheet decal set from Tiger Wings will decal two aircraft, as enough national insignia and aircraft numbers as well as color markings are included to do so; nice bonus! Generic numbers are included for "modeler's choice" of aircraft numbers. The caveat is, check photos -- if you can find them -- to be sure you are using appropriate numbers. The instruction sheet is not particularly helpful regarding what "numbers" may have served in the ROC. The sheet shows aircraft of the "R.O.C. Air Force 1th /4th" as follows:
ROC number 070 with aircraft serial number 52-8392
ROC number 130 with aircraft serial number 51-16657
ROC number 016 (FS-147) with aircraft serial number 52-3147
ROC number 132 with aircraft serial number 51-1159
ROC number 109 with aircraft serial number 51-10464
Painting references are Gunze numbers, which also reference decal colors, either red, yellow, or blue, for squadron colors. I don't have the Gunze reference page at this time; the Gunze color associations are #324 for 1 Sq and 21 Sq, #58 for 3 Sq and 22 Sq, and #65 for 9 Sq and 23 Sq. I presume #324 is red, #58 is yellow, and #65 is blue, but I'm not sure. Unfortunately, aircraft numbers are not indicated for a particular Squadron, even for the aircraft depicted on the instructions. So, the modeler is left in the dark as to whether, for example, aircraft 52-8392 should have Sq colors red, yellow, or blue. However, one aircraft, 51-10464, is the "4th Fireball" and is specific to one color of decals.

The decals are of reasonable quality with the furnished data decals moderately to badly filled in. Registration is right on the money. I have no reference to determine color accuracy, but they don't seem incorrect. My main complaint is "which squadron colors go with which aircraft number?" But, with two sheets for (nearly) the price of one to do two different aircraft, I can't complain too much!

Tiger Wings Republic of China F-84G Decal Sheet, Sheet One Tiger Wings Republic of China F-84G Decal Sheet, Sheet Two

Tiger Wings Republic of China F-84G Decal Sheets, sheet A on the left and sheet B on the right.

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Good subject, good quality, priced great, instructions could be better.

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