Wing Masters Magazine No 3 48/72
French Air Force F-84G Thunderjets

Price: Decal sheet available only to Wing Masters Magazine subscribers

These F-84G decals are for the Tamiya F-84G kits, either 48th scale (four aircraft) or 72nd scale (one aircraft). I received this decal sheet courtesy of Fabian Santini, a Wingmasters Magazine subscriber, who sent them to me from France.


This decal sheet from Wing Masters Magazine No. 3 will decal five Thunderjet aircraft with numbers and colors. As the sheet does not include any national insignia, they must be obtained from another source, but that also means the decals on this sheet are good for up to five models. (The sheet includes decals for three Spitfires, but those are not discussed here.) The instruction sheet, in French of course, is a page in the magazine. The four aircraft in 48th scale are as follows:
F-84G-??-RE 51-11023, French EC 1/2, No. 1-OH
F-84G-??-RE 51-9875, French EC 1/2, No. 1-OD
F-84G-??-RE 51-10267, French EC 2/33, NO. 33-s
F-84G-??-RE 51-10668, French EC 3/33, No. 33-XC
And the one aircraft in 72nd scale is:
F-84G-??-RE 51-10267, French EC 2/33, NO. 33-s

The decals are of excellent quality, colors appear correct to my eye, and registration is perfect. The only drawback to this particular decal sheet is the process required to get one.

Wing Masters Magazine No. 3 Decals for French AF

Wing Masters Magazine No. 3 Decals for French AF F-84G Thunderjets.

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Good subjects, perfect quality. But, obtaining one of these sheets could be a major problem.

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