F-84G Thunderjet, F-84F Thunderstreak, and RF-84F Thunderflash

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These F-84G, F-84F, and RF-84F decals do not have any recommendation for any particular kit. My inspection leads me to conclude it was intended for the Heller kits, but it appears the F-84G decals from the sheet could also be used on the new Tamiya 72nd scale F-84G. My thanks to Larry Weinstock who loaned me this decal sheet for review.


This sheet from Decals Carpena J.F., made in France, is for five aircraft, three F-84G, one F-84F, and one RF-84F. The sheet states* that the F-84G decals are for (1) Portugal -- F-84G 128, #unknown (sheet lists serial number as 5128, but this is the Portuguese number, not the aircraft serial number), Esquadra 21 "Dragoes", Patrouille Acrobatique, BA 2 OTA AB, 1954-1960; (2) France -- F-84G-21RE 3-HE, #51-10814, Patrouille Delachenal, Escadron de Chasse 1/3 "Navarre", BA-112 Reims-Champagne, 1953; (3) Turkey -- F-84G-21RE 921, #51-10921, 3 Tactical Air Force Wing, Diyarbakir, 1954. The F-84F decals are for USAFE -- F-84F-45RE FS-098, #52-7098, 92 FBS 81 FBW, RAF Bentwaters AFB, Suffolk, 1958. The RF-84F decals are for France -- RF-84F-25RE 33-CP, #52-7323, Escadron de Reconnaissance 1/33 "Belfort", BA-139 LAHR-Hugsweier, Operation Suez Canal, Chypre, Cyprus.
A very colorful assortment of F-84 choices are on this sheet. There are minor misregistrations, but more noticeable is on the Portuguese flag where the green is not opaque and the red shows through. Also, the rudder decals for the Portuguese aircraft were incorrectly printed and a "fix" sheet is included to correct the error. Otherwise, all type and edges were cleanly printed. My only criticism is the "too fat" access panel data decals on the otherwise outstanding decal sheet.

* I received an email from Gary Siddall, IPMS England, who stated that, although the decal sheet states the Portuguese decals are for a "Dragoes" aircraft, that in fact this was not a Dragoes color scheme. Thanks for the information, Gary.

Decals Carpena decal sheet

Decals Carpena 72/27 decal sheet

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