Decals and Instruction Sheet

Fowler F-84F Decals

Source for markings is stated as: F-84F Thunderstreak - 366 FBW - England AFB, Louisiana.

Fowler F-84F Decal Instruction Sheet Front

The Instruction sheet text [corrected] reads:
"This F-84 at the time the picture was take[n] had just been painted and shows off a very clean and bright appearance. There is no name in the crew block under the canopy. The badge on the left side of the aircraft is very unusual and is assumed to be a personal marking. Of further interest on this aircraft is that the sidewalls of the tires are painted white. This is the only aircraft in the squadron which appears to have its tires painted. Interior of cockpit is Gray with Black in[s]trument panel, side panels and electrical panels. Seat has Gray frame with black ejection rails, olive green cushions and red head rest. Interior of wheel wells is green chromate primer. Interior of gear doors is silver paint. Inside of intake is aluminum. Letters on instruction sheet reference letters on decal for placement."

Fowler F-84F Decal Instruction Sheet Back

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