French and Italian F-84F

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These F-84F decals are recommended for the Heller F-84F kit. I got this decal sheet mail order for $0.99.


This sheet from Microscale is for two aircraft, one French, one Italian. They are:
3e Escadrille "Ardennes" 3e Escadre of Chasse, Reims, Suez Operation, November 1956
"Getti Tonanti" Aerobatic Team 5a Aerobrigata
The French Thunderstreak is a yellow and black scheme, and of course, the Italian aircraft is the very colorful Getti Tonanti scheme in red, white, and green. Nice and thin, well printed, only the two green dots in the center of the Italian National Insignia are slightly out of register. Some data decals included, and they are a welcome addition to this sheet. Maybe this sheet is for the Heller kit, but I'd guess it will go down just as well on the Monogram kit. Guess I'll have to get another and find out.

Microscale 48-112 F-84F French and Italian Decal Sheet

Microscale 48-112 F-84F French and Italian Decal Sheet

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Good subjects, high quality, priced right.

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