F-84F Thunderstreak and RF-84F Thunderflash in Belgium

Retail price: $11.50

Daco Products has released this set of decals, presumably for the 1/48th scale Heller F/RF-84F kits, for F-84F and RF-84F aircraft. The sheet provides the white serial, nose, and tail numbers for the "NATO" scheme aircraft used in Belgium. The same subjects are available for 72nd scale on sheet D7235. My thanks to Danny Coremans of Daco Products for supplying this decal sheet for review on this site.


This single sheet of decals is large at over 8 x 11. There are six types of letters and numbers provided in white for use in creating the modeler's choice of numbers. Because of the variety of letters and numbers furnished -- generally four of each in each type -- it appears to me each sheet is sufficient to model about four aircraft. This sheet compliments Sheet D4832 or D7232 for 48th or 72nd scales respectively. The instruction sheet is provided in B&W, and generally shows which style of letters/numbers was used by which Wing.

Daco F/RF-84F Sqn and Serial Codes Decal Sheet

Daco Products' "NATO" squadron codes and serial numbers decal sheet for F-84F and RF-84F aircraft that served in Belgium.

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I consider these Daco Products decals to be among the best I've seen and I consider these fairly priced at $11.50.

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