F-84F and RF-84F Italian service markings

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The F- and RF-84F decals on this sheet are recommended for the Heller kits.
Decal sheet courtesy of Jason Floyd.


Sheet and instructions are labeled variously as Decal Art and Tauro Model. The sheet has markings for Italian F-84F, RF-84F, T-33A, MB-326G, G-91R, and T-6H-4M. All decals are shown, along with one of five pages from the instruction sheet. The instructions with this sheet also references decal sheets 48-528, 48-536, 48-540, 48-547, 48-526, and 48-535. Sheets 48-526 and 48-535 are reviewed elsewhere on this site.

A.M.I. aircraft squadron insignia for which decals are furnished:
RF-84F 51-7035, Italy 3-28, 132o Gr. 3a Aerobrigata
RF-84F 52-7394, Italy 3-94, 132o Gr. 3a Aerobrigata
F-84F 53-6976, Italy 51-75, 22o Gr. 51a Aerobrigata
F-84F 53-6825, Italy 5-825, 101o Gr. 5a Aerobrigata
F-84F 53-6810, Italy 5-810, 102o Gr. 5a Aerobrigata (Rimini Aug. 1956)
F-84F 53-6619, Italy 50-19, 155o Gr. 50o Stormo (Piacenza 1967)
F-84F 53-6845, Italy 8-42, 101o Gr. 8o Stormo (Cervia Sept. 1967)
F-84F 53-6892, Italy 36-38, 156o Gr. 36o Stormo
F-84F 53-6666, Italy 6-30, 6a Aerobrigata, Thunderstreak del Vice comandante dell'aerobrigata, Ten. Col. Roberto Crespi (1965/67)
F-84F 52-0527, Italy 5-32, 101o Gr. 5a Aerobrigata
RF-84F 57-387, Italy ??-33, 3o Stormop

Several very nice schemes may be made from this decal sheet. The printing quality appears to be better than the generic serial numbers on sheet 48-526. Registration and colors are very good.

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Tauro Model decal sheet 48-504 includes markings for F-84F and RF-84F aircraft in Italian service.

Tauro Model 48-504 F-84F illustrations.

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Good quality, good selection of markings, price and availability unknown.

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