RF-84F Italian service generic serial and construction numbers

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The RF-84F decals on this sheet are recommended for the Heller RF-84F kit.
Decal sheet courtesy of Jason Floyd.


Sheet and instructions are labeled variously as Decal Art and Tauro Model. This sheet has generic serial and construction numbers for 1/48th scale T-33A, T-6H-4M, and RF-84F. Only the RF-84F decals and information are shown. All decals on this sheet are black. The instructions with this sheet also reference decal sheets 48-503 and 48-504. Sheet 48-504 is reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Aircraft illustrated on the instructions:
RF-84F 51-7035, Italy 3-28, 132o Gr. 3a Aerobrigata

As the decals are generic, the modeler would have to have reference material at hand for a particular aircraft. The quality is good but not great as some of the fine incising (stencil gaps) are slightly filled in, and some edges are a bit rough.

Tauro Model 48-535 F-84F decals

Tauro Model decal sheet 48-535 includes generic serial and construction numbers for RF-84F aircraft in Italian service.

Tauro Model 48-535 F-84F illustration

Tauro Model 48-535 RF-84F illustration

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