French Armee de l'Air F-84F

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The F-84F decals on this sheet are recommended for the Italeri F-84F kit.
Decal sheet courtesy of Jason Floyd.


This Model Decal sheet is out of print. The instruction sheet is dated 1977, the decals were printed February 1986. The sheet has decals for F-4E/J JASDF, Jaguar GR1 RAF, F-84F French, and F-104G/TF-104G Dutch. All decals are shown, but only the F-84F information is listed.

Decals are furnished for:
F-84F-51-GK 52-9068, French 9-AU, E.C. 1/9 "Limousin" 9th Escadrile de Chasse, Luxuelil, Armee de l'Air, 1961
F-84F-51-GK 52-9058, French 9-AC, E.C. 1/9 "Limousin" Luxuelil, Armee de l'Air, 1961.

A limited number of data stencils are included, and those incuded are not particularly detailed. The instruction sheet states, "French Air Force F-84F's were originally in natural metal finish, but were later painted Aluminum silver." The quality and color of the decals is quite good, but being 14 years old, they are not as good as the best decals available in 2000.

Model Decal 72-43 sheet

Model Decal 72-43 sheet includes decals for F-84F French Armee de l'Air.

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Good subjects, good quality, price unknown. Long out of print and proably hard to find.

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