Republic of China RF-84F

Mail Order price: $7.75

These RF-84F decals do not include any reference for a recommended kit, but based on the instruction sheet drawings, I conclude they are for the Heller RF-84F kit. I got this decal sheet mail order from International Hobby Supply for $7.75.


This sheet from Tiger Wings (this set says Tiger's Wing Productions, another of their decal sheets says Tiger Wings -- I am using Tiger Wings to be consistent) will decal one aircraft, albeit numbers are included for "modeler's choice" of aircraft numbers. The caveat is, check photos -- if you can find them -- to be sure you are using appropriate numbers. The instruction sheet is not particularly helpful regarding what "numbers" may have served in the ROC, other than it shows ROC number 5615 with aircraft serial number 52-8749. The instruction sheet is mostly in Chinese; the one reference listed in English is Chinese Air Force in Action. Painting references are Gunze numbers.

The decals are of reasonable quality with the furnished data decals slightly filled in. Registration is right on the money. I have no reference to determine color accuracy, but they don't seem incorrect. The only problem I saw with this sheet is that one side of the bird's bill is yellow while the other side is the same dark green as the bird's head. I suspect both sides of the bill should be yellow. Also, the bird's head is dark green with black outline and details. For the image scan, the dark green of the bird's head is dark enough that I could not get a contrast between the green and the black outlining the bird's head.

Tiger Wings Republic of China RF-84F Decal Sheet

Tiger Wings Republic of China RF-84F Decal Sheet

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Good subject, good quality, priced reasonably, but one color error.

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