F-84G Thunderjet

Retail price: $11.99

The Tamiya F-84G, being the current definitive 1/48th scale kit of the subject, is a worthy subject for after-market detail sets. Eduard has produced a detail set.


Eduard makes generally excellent products; this photo-etched brass detail set is up to their usual high standard. Parts are furnished for:
Cockpit, including instrument panel, side consoles, and rear canopy deck;
Ejection seat, including foot rests, arm rests, and belts;
Canopy, including mirror and access port;
Tailpipe details; A replacement airbrake;
Flap detail, flap hinges, and flap hinge covers;
Nose and main gear and well parts; JATO parts;
and gun bay, weapons mounting, and bomb details.

The set also includes a film instrument panel to capture between the photo etched brass part and the kit panel; the detail on the kit panel must be removed beforehand. The instruction sheet is illustrated with icons, arrows, and part numbers to indicate how to install which detail parts at what place on the model. Most instructions are clear; others, such as folding the flap ribs, require presumption on the part of the modeler. Also, although a photo-etched part is provided for the access port on the right rear of the canopy, one wonders how the detail part could improve on the detail molded into the canopy. In any case, it would either rest at an obtrusive level if simply glued over the molded detail, or the molded detail would have to be ground off and polished to allow the Eduard part to lie reasonably tight against the canopy. However, considering that the extra "brace" rightly should be removed from the canopy (see Tamiya kit review), removing the access port could simply be made a part of that process.

I expect to use this detail set soon as I plan to build at least two more of the Tamiya kits as F-84G models. The only "hedge" I have with this detail set is the purchase price, which I feel is somewhat excessive for the number of detail parts furnished.

Eduard's photo-etched brass detail set, shown at right, also includes a B&W film instrument panel, which is not shown.

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This Eduard detail set for the Tamiya F-84G is a good, but not great, value priced at $11.98. The price is the only drawback to this otherwise excellent detail set.

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