F-84G Thunderjet

Retail price: $9.60

This Aires mixed media detail set is intended for the Tamiya F-84G 1/48th scale kit. The parts are resin, photo etched, and film.


The resin parts in this super detail set are as good as it gets so far as reproduction of detail and quality of casting, as are the photo etched parts and the film for the instrument panel. In contrast, the instruction sheet is nearly useless.

This set includes resin parts for:
Cockpit tub
Instrument panel
Replacement cockpit wall details
Separate seat arm rests
Gun sight
Canopy equipment shelf
Canopy fuselage plug

Photo etched parts for:
Canopy access plug
Main instrument panel cover
Film for:
Instrument panel gauges

This set is quite different in parts selection from the Cutting Edge detail set, reviewed elsewhere on this site. That is not to say it is a bad set, it is just different. In fact, the differences in the sets go beyond the parts selection, as the scheme of parts breakout and interpretation of details is also quite different. Some of the parts included are quite useful, such as the joystick and cockpit parts. However, I have to wonder how useful the replacement cockpit sides and canopy access port would be to the average modeler. The cockpit sides are more detailed and obviously better than the molded-in kit detail. However, it is no easy feat to install these parts, after which they are next to invisible when installed! Installation of the canopy access port requires first removing the molded-in detail on the canopy because it is not appropriate to install it over the top of the detail already there (it would protrude too far above the surface of the canopy). In my opinion, only a highly skilled modeler would attempt to remove the molded-in detail at risk of ruining the canopy, and then only for a very modest (if any) improvement in detail. Also, there are some inaccuracies in the instrument panel and the cockpit consoles; that is to say, they are better than the kit parts but not as good as the Cutting Edge parts.

The real aircraft had changes made in the middle of production of blocks of aircraft, not to speak of field retrofits or repairs. Therefore, whether any particular detail set is "correct" depends more on the specific aircraft being modeled than on the detail set itself. See the several parts comparison pages for more information on the subject as they give a better overview of the variety of parts available than can be done in this standalone page.

As for this set, in my opinion it has a better seat than that furnished with the Cutting Edge set, and otherwise is very usable to create better details than those furnished with the Tamiya kit. The biggest weakness with this set is the instruction sheet which is cryptic at best, and is actually quite a sad specimen when compared to the Cutting Edge instruction sheet.

Aires mixed media detail set

The Aires mixed media detail set. The arm rests are separate parts which must be attached to the pilot seat. I purchased two of these sets, and one of the seats came with the front arm rest supports missing; they had not broken off in the packaging, so the set was packed with the seat incompletely molded or broken. See the parts comparison pages for more information on how these parts compare to the Tamiya kit and other aftermarket detail sets.

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This Aires mixed media detail set for the Tamiya F-84G is a good value priced at $9.60. Otherwise an excellent set, I have rated it at 8 out of 10 because of the incomplete seat in one set (quality control issue), inaccurate instrument panel, and the poor instruction sheet.

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