F-84G Thunderjet

Retail price: $7.49

This detail set is for the Tamiya F-84G 1/48th scale kit. This review set was obtained from a fellow modeler, but I have since obained two more sets by mail order priced at $6.47 each. I have not yet tried to fit this set to the ProMod kit.


The resin parts in this super detail set are as good as it gets so far as detail and quality of casting. In contrast, the instruction sheet is nearly useless.

This set includes resin parts for:
Main gear wells
Nose gear well
Nose landing gear strut parts

While that Tamiya kit main gear wells are reasonably detailed, the two-part nose gear well is a candidate for a replacement detail part, and the nose gear struts are deficient in detail at the upper end. There is a brass landing gear replacement set available, reviewed elsewhere on this site, and which is quite good, but this Aires set includes parts to replace some portions, but not all, of the nose gear struts to improve the detail.

I discuss the value -- or lack thereof -- of the main gear well details with this set at the Main Gear Well Comparison page. The nose gear well replacement is a no-brainer, and the parts to detail the nose gear strut are to be used presuming you bought this set for the nose gear well.

As for this set, it is worth getting just for the nose gear well; the nose gear strut details are a bonus. I feel the main gear wells are not worth the trouble to try to use them. And, the instruction sheet is next to useless.


Since I wrote the above review, I have used two of these Aires detail sets for F-84 projects. Those are -- or will be -- reviewed in more detail elsewhere on this site. However, in contrast to my original "test fit" where I concluded the main gear well parts would not fit, I did later find that the main gear wells will work with the Tamiya Thunderjet, and that is good. My real surprise -- and a positive one -- was I found that the nose gear well will work after careful modification with the ProModeler Thunderjet, plus, the main gear wells work even more easily with the ProModeler than they do with the Tamiya. I also like the Aires detail part because it is made to accomodate the Tamiya landing gear (which I consider to be slightly better than the ProMod landing gear) and so will also accomodate the Cutting Edge metal landing gear set that is an improvement over either of the kits' parts. Therefore, I have revised my rating upward to a Ten, and I heartily recommend this set to any modeler who desires to take the time and care to fit these parts to either kit.

Aires resin detail set

The Aires resin detail set. These are the best gear well details available as of April, 2000.

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This Aires resin detail set for the Tamiya F-84G is an excellent buy, and it works with the ProModeler Thunderjet even better than it does with the Tamiya. The instruction sheet is of questionable usefulness, but otherwise this set is a solid 10.

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